3rd Research Workshop – “Business and Human Rights: International Law and …”

The ESIL Interest Group on Business and Human Rights will hold its 3rd Research Workshop in Vienna, in the framework of the ESIL 10th Anniversary Conference. Attendance is free, and we invite all our members to join us there!


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10:00-10:15 – Registration

10:15-10:30 – Introduction

Welcome and update on the activities of the Interest Group – Damiano de Felice, London School of Economics and Political Science

10:30-11:30 – First panel

Ruggie’s politics: Managing the political dimensions of the business and human rights agenda – Carmen Márquez Carrasco and Luis Rodríguez-Piñero Royo, University of Seville

Business and the politics of human rights: The protection of human rights defenders by State and business as an opportunity to build up a democratic society in Brazil – Ulisses Terto Neto, University of Aberdeen

Discussant: Patrick Keenan, University of Illinois

11:30-11:50 – Break

11:45-13:00 – Second panel

Human rights and the division or moral labor between politics and business – Geert Demuijnck, EDHEC Business School

The United Nations Guiding Principles and the root causes of human rights infringements: Is the multifaceted concept of due diligence up to the task? – Radu Mares, Raoul Wallenberg Institute

“Pragmatic” ambiguity: Human rights risk management versus social risk management – Björn Fasterling, EDHEC Business School, LegalEDHEC Research Center

Discussant: Chiara Giorgetti, University of Richmond

13:00-14:30 – Lunch

14:30-15:50 – Third panel

Business, human rights and public procurement: Legal options for the procurement of responsibly manufactured electronics – Olga Martin-Ortega, Opi Outhwaite and William Rook, University of Greenwich

The functions and powers of the OECD National Contact Points regarding complaints on an alleged breach of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises by a transnational corporation: Empirical and normative perspectives – Juan Carlos Ochoa-Sanchez, University of Oslo

Duties to protect meet sins of omission: Frictions in a two-level game? International law and domestic legislators – Evelyne Schmid, University of Basel

In search of corporate accountability: Evaluating the application of public international law to human rights litigation against businesses in Europe – Virginie Rouas, SOAS

Discussant: Radu Mares, Raoul Wallenberg Institute

15:50-16:10 – Break

16:10-17:30 – Fourth panel

Codes of conduct and the law – Lara Blecher, Pensions and Investment Research Consultants

Economic development and the potential for evidence-based stakeholder engagement – Patrick Keenan, University of Illinois

Human rights and international investment law: Tension or harmony? – Chiara Giorgetti, University of Richmond

‘Digital arms’ and international law: The regulation of dual-use technology in the business sector – Adamantia Rachovitsa, Qatar University

Discussant: Freya Baetens, Leiden University

17:30-18:00 – Elections

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