Climate Change Governance Conference- London

The Climate Change Governance Conference will take place in London on November, 2. Increasingly both environmental and human rights lawyers are noting the impacts that climate change is having on basic human rights such as the right to life and the right to health. Additionally climate change is already affecting indigenous peoples and vulnerable communities which lead to impacts on their rights to property, culture and of course the rights to food and water. Therefore whilst climate change law has traditionally been regarded as “environmental law”, its adequacy or inadequacy has ultimately to be regarded as a fundamental human rights issue. This conference focuses on some of the key issues that lie at the nexus between business and investment and climate change.

The Conference is being held at Schroders plc (31 Gresham Street EC2V 7QA, London). There are four panels throughout the day  which will cover a number of specific areas. These are:

1. Introduction / Pensions and Climate Change

2. Climate Change litigation

3. Climate Change and Forestry

4. Future Directions.

 The Conference features a diverse range of speakers with specific experience and expertise in those areas.

The link to the conference website with all the details and the registration form is at:


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