Join us for the first meeting and workshop of the Interest Group on Business and Human Rights!

The first meeting of the European Society of International Law (ESIL) Interest Group on Business and Human Rights will take place in Valencia on Thursday 13th September.  The Chairs of the Interest Group have organised a workshop where we will discuss some of the current issues involved in research on the topic. Members of the Group will present their latest research on private banking, conflict minerals, private military and security companies, human trafficking, child exploitation and environmental litigation (see programme below). The development of the UN Guiding Principles and the work of the UN Working Group will feature high among the topics of discussion. We will also take this opportunity to have our first meeting as a group. We welcome all the members of the Group and all of those attending the ESIL Biannual Conference in Valencia to come and be part of this exciting initiative. For all of you who are not still members of the Group and will be interested in joining us, please do not hesitate to contact our Chair Marta Requejo (


Workshop Business and Human Rights

ESIL, Valencia 2012


Thursday 13.09.2012

9:00:9:15 Welcome address: Marta Requejo, Chair of the ESIL Interest Group on Business and Human Rights

9:15-10:45. PANEL 1: Emerging corporate responsibility regulation

Chair: Freya Baetens

Damiano de Felice: Private Banks and the Corporate Responsibility to Protect

Olga Martin-Ortega: Regulating Conflict Minerals: Due Diligence and Corporate Responsibility to Respect

Sorcha MacLeod and Alexandra Bohm: Regulating PMSCS: What Can the EU Learn from the UK’s Robust  Self-Regulatory Approach?

Julianne Hughes-Jennett: Challenges Facing Corporations When Implementing the UN Guidelines on Business and Human Rights

10:45-11:15: PANEL 2: Protecting the vulnerable: children, refugees and the environment

Chair: Olga Martin-Ortega

Nicola Jägers & Conny Rijken: Prevention of Human Trafficking for Labour Exploitation

Silvia Scarpa: Fighting against the Exploitation of Children in Cacao Plantations

Antonio Cardesa-Salzmann: Transnational Cluster-Litigation for Environmental Justice


Venue: ADEIT– Fundación Universidad-Empresa de Valencia. Plaza Virgen de la Paz, 3, 46001 Valencia (España)




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