Rights of the Child and Business Sector: Call for Submission on Draft One of the Committee on the Rights of the Child’s General Comment

The Committee on the Rights of the Child has had a long-standing interest in how the activities and operations of business enterprises affect different aspects of children’s lives, and can have both a positive and negative impact on States Parties’ implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and its Protocols. In this regard, the Committee recognises that business enterprises can be an essential driver for societies and economies to advance in ways which strengthen the realisation of child rights through, for example, employment generation, technological advances and investment. However, they can also cause, or contribute to, a wide range of violations of child rights.

In this context, the Committee is in the process of producing a General Comment on Child Rights and Business that will aim to provide States Parties with a framework for implementation of the Convention as a whole with regard to the business sector. It will include guidance on the measures of implementation that are required to: prevent and remedy violations of child rights by business actors, and ensure business enterprises carry out their responsibilities in the realisation of the rights of the child and encourage business to positively contribute to the realisation of these rights.

The General Comment will be guided by the principles of the CRC throughout: the best interests of the child, the right to non-discrimination, the right to be heard and the right to life, survival and development.

In its on-going drafting process for this General Comment, the Committee had prepared an annotated outline. This annotated outline was the basis of the Committee’s first call for submissions relating to this General Comment between 20 March and 1 May. The submissions received in response to that first call for submissions have been considered and, where appropriate, taken into account.

In addition to the first call for submissions mentioned above and multi-stakeholder consultations, the Committee welcomes inputs on the first draft of its General Comment. Submissions from interested organizations and individuals who have experience or information on State party obligations under the Convention in relation to the business sector would be particularly welcome.

Deadline for submissions: 24 August.

For more information see here.

Many thanks to Prof. Jorge Cardona (Valencia University) for the tip-off.



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