Libyan Blood Worth More than Syrian Blood

Why is it that NATO and the international community are only too eager to provide air strikes on Qaddafi (and loyalists) under the guise of humanitarian aid to avoid genocide but which in actual fact turns out to be a military operation with regime change as the ultimate goal? At the same time thousands of unarmed Syrian civilians have been killed by Assad’s security forces, up to 30,000 arrested without charge and most recently, Syrian military incursions into Lebanon seeking out, capturing and killing so called Syrian “dissidents” all the while the international community does nothing tangible to alleviate or stop Syrian blood spilling onto the street?  Where is NATO? Where are the UN interim forces now?

At present, the best the world can muster is some strongly worded messages to Assad of their disapproval, and the toothless UN Security Council, thanks primarily to China and Russia, has been inept in avoiding the very reason it was primarily established. Washington seems to have perfected the art of sanctions and shuttle diplomacy but where does that leave the man on the street – the Syrian anti-government protester?

Should we tell them that Libyan blood is worth more than Syrian blood? When Syrians ask why, world leaders would say, “it’s quite obvious, you don’t have proven reserves of hydrocarbons to warrant an international military operation.” What is the acceptable body count before the world acts and starts to call these events as they are, the Syrian genocide of 2011?


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