Companies in Conflict Situations: International Research Conference

Next Thursday and Friday (20th and 21st October) the International Catalan Institute for Peace (ICIP) will host a conference on the role and responsibilities of companies in conflict situations. According to the information provided by the Institute itself, aim of the meeting is “bringing experts together to reflect upon the causes, dynamics and consequences of business involvement in conflict situations. Participants will assess debates in this area from a multidisciplinary and international perspective, in light of their own research. Discussion will focus in particular on the international markets in conventional arms, private military and security services, as well as in certain natural resources. Participants will also exchange information about their own research; identify gaps, overlaps and synergies in their work; and consider possible future collaboration”. A final document reflecting conclusions is expected.

Note: ICIP is a public organization, institutional by nature, but also independent of government and private entities. The principle purpose of the ICIP is to promote a culture of peace in Catalonia as well as throughout the world, to endorse peaceful solutions  and conflict resolutions and to endow Catalonia with an active role as an agent of peace. For further information see here.




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